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                    Commercial Real Estate and Business Funding

   The Smart Loan Advantage ... For ALL of Your Commercial Real Estate & Business Funding


 Income Producing Real Estate Purchase & Sale

    The Smart Real Estate Advantage.….For ALL of Your Private Commercial Income Producing Real Estate Transactions       (We are NOT Real Estate agents)

Why Choose Us?

At, Commercial Real Estate & Business Funding & Investing,  we are staffed by a highly skilled team that understands the dynamics of the Commercial Real Estate and Business Financial Market and Commercial Income Producing Real Estate Investing. It is our goal to build lasting relationships with each and every client.

With several years of experience in the real estate and business financial industry and diligent work, we can efficiently evaluate your needs. Whether you funding needs are for Real Estate, Business Financing or Private Real Estate Acquisition and Sales, we will respect your time and needs as a business leader as we find the best solution for you.

We are backed by several years of experience in the Real Estate & Business Financial industry, and we work hard to help you find the best solution for your Real Estate or Business Financial needs, as well as your Private Real Estate Acquisition & Sales.  We respect your time and needs by working as efficiently as is possible.

Do you NEED Commercial Real Estate or Business FUNDING.??........

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Do you WANT TO: become a Private lender;                                                            Purchase Commercial Income Producing Real Estate ..... or                               Equity Share                                                                                 Done with experts to purchase Commercial Income Producing Real Estate that provides above average returns and someone else doing all of the work??…....

You are at the right PLACE.   

 Do you WANT TO SELL your Income Producing Real Estate?? OFF MARKET (Private Sale, No % fee, Minimal set up fee) ...

You are at the right PLACE.      

 Do you NEED HELP Structuring your Commercial Real Estate SALE or PURCHASE??....     

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Through our Network of Commercial and Private Lenders; Institutional Investors Worldwide; Wall Street; Life Insurance Co.'s; Equity Funding, Venture Capitalists; Pension Funds; No Recourse Bond Funding and others  ……………..we have a wide array of

Funding Products..... Venture Capital; Commercial & Business Loans Nationwide & select Worldwide; Bridge Loans; Unsecured Business Line of Credit;   FHA, HUD Apartment Loans; Apartment Construction Loans; Proof of Funds (POF); Private Loans; Conventional  Loans;  Motel/Hotel Loans; Hard Money Loans; Retail; Restaurants; Office Buildings; the list goes on & on. 

Special Loans: ........UNSECURED Business Loans up to $200,000, No Collateral, No income Verification, No assets, Use for any legal purpose

100% Funding w/144A Bond Offering-- No personal guarantee, No credit checks, No Asset verification.

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If you need a loan go to the Contact  Page, Request a loan application to be emailed to you, fill it out COMPLETELY, no Blanks, email it to . Please make sure you include your email address & phone #. We will follow up upon completion of our review of your request. Thank You